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Rescheduled Supreme Court Summer Vacation from June 22 to July 3, Issues Circular For Hearing of Urgent Matters During Vacation

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The Supreme Court on Friday has issued circular for hearing of urgent matters during the rescheduled summer vacation through video conferencing/tele conferencing which will be observed from June 22 till July 3.

The Supreme Court has confirmed that its summer vacation, rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the first week of rescheduled summer vacation, i.e., from June 22 to June 26, two Division Benches, one Court of Judges-in-Chamber and one Registrar Court will conduct hearings through Video Conferencing /tele conferencing mode,” read the SC circular.

During the second week of rescheduled summer vacation two benches will hear the matter on June 30 and July 3 respectively.

The existing ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ issued for advocates and parties-in-person, uploaded on the website on June 14, will continue to operate for listing and hearing of matters before the Judge-in-Chamber and the Registrar Court,” the circular said..

However, the matter of extreme urgency shall be dealt with by the Vacation Officer/Registrar as per prevailing practice/guidelines, the SC circular said.

Apart from this, the Filing Counter will be closed for two weeks and filing of documents will be allowed through e-filing. However, in case of extreme exigency, the Registry may open the Filing Counter.

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