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CBIC Enables End to End Paperless Exports under Turant Customs

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The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) on Monday unveiled a Secure QR coded Shipping Bill that would be electronically sent to exporters after the Customs allows export.

The new process has been launched in a bid to fulfill its commitment to a faceless, paperless, and contactless customs under the umbrella of its Turant Customs programme.

“Today’s initiative in yet another step taken by CBIC for fulfilling its commitment to a Faceless, Paperless, and Contactless Customs under the umbrella of its “Turant Customs” programme. These reforms are based on enhanced use of digital technology to reduce the time and costs for the importers, exporters and other stakeholders, thereby improving India’s ranking in the World Bank’s Trading Across Borders parameter of its Doing Business Report,” an official release said..

This eliminates in one stroke the requirement of the exporters having to approach the Customs officers for proof of export. This also makes the end to end Customs export process fully electronic, from the filing of the Shipping Bill to the final order to allow export.

Turant Customs, which has as its main component Faceless Assessment, would be implemented in phases across the entire country by 1st January 2021.

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